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When I was a young man, a common arrangement for loose bound technical manuals is to number pages by chapter. (It's quite a good scheme, in those situations: even if your corrections add a whole page to the chapter, the most you have to redistribute is that chapter.)

The problem, at first sight, seems pretty much the same as that in another answer on [running numbers within a chapter](FAQ-running-nos), and the basic technique is indeed pretty similar.

However, tidying-up loose ends, making sure the page number gets reset to the correct value at the start of each chapter, and so on, is slightly more challenging. This is why the [`chappg`](https://ctan.org/pkg/chappg) package was written: it does the obvious things, and more.

Users have been known to ask for running page numbers within a section, but this really doesn't make sense: you need to run page numbers within document objects that always start on a fresh page.

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