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— title: Installation using TeX Live manager category: installing permalink: /FAQ-inst-texlive —

TeX Live manager (`tlmgr`) is, by default, a shell (or Windows terminal window) command. There is voluminous documentation about it from the command

`tldoc tlmgr`

but basic operation is pretty straightforward. The manager needs to know where to download stuff from; the canonical setup is ``` tlmgr option repository http://mirror.ctan.org/systems/texlive/tlnet ``` which passes the decision to the mirror selector. You can (of course) specify a particular archive or mirror that you “trust”, or even a local disc copy that you keep up-to-date (disc space and bandwidth are so cheap nowadays, that a “home mirror” of CTAN is a feasible proposition).

To update a single package, use: ``` tlmgr update <package> ```

To update everything you already have in your installation, use: ``` tlmgr update –all ```

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