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 There are good TeX-writing environments and editors for most operating systems; some are described below, but this is only a personal selection: There are good TeX-writing environments and editors for most operating systems; some are described below, but this is only a personal selection:
 +===== Unix/Linux =====
 +The commonest choices are [X]Emacs or ''vim'', though several others are available.
 +$\Reponse$  ''[[http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/emacs.html|GNU emacs]]''
 +and ''[[http://www.xemacs.org/|XEmacs]]'' are supported by the AUC-TeX
 +bundle (available from CTAN).  AUC-TeX provides menu items and
 +control sequences for common constructs, checks syntax, lays out
 +markup nicely, lets you call TeX and drivers from within the editor,
 +and everything else like this that you can think of.
 +Complex, but very powerful.
 +$\Reponse$  ''[[http://vim.sourceforge.net|Vim]]'' is also highly
 +configurable (also available for Windows and Macintosh systems).
 +Many plugins are available to support the needs of the (La)TeX user,
 +including syntax highlighting, calling TeX programs,
 +auto-insertion and -completion of common (La)TeX structures, and
 +browsing LaTeX help.  The scripts ''auctex.vim'' and
 +''bibtex.vim'' seem to be the most common recommendations.
 +$\Reponse$  The editor ''[[http://nedit.org/|NEdit]]'' is also free
 +and programmable, and is available for Unix systems.  An AUC-TeX-alike
 +set of extensions for ''NEdit'' is available from CTAN.
 +$\Reponse$  ''LaTeX4Jed'' provides much enhanced LaTeX support for the
 +''[[http://www.jedsoft.org/jed/|jed]]'' editor.
 +''LaTeX4Jed'' is similar to AUC-TeX: menus, shortcuts, templates,
 +syntax highlighting, document outline, integrated debugging,
 +symbol completion, full integration with external programs, and more.
 +It was designed with both the beginner and the advanced LaTeX user in mind.
 +$\Reponse$  The ''Kile'' editor that is provided with the KDE
 +window manager provides GUI "shell-like" facilities, in a
 +similar way to the widely-praised ''Winedt'' (see below);
 +details (and downloads) are available from the project's
 +[[http://kile.sourceforge.net/|home on SourceForge]].
 +$\Reponse$  TUG is sponsoring the development of a cross-platform editor
 +and shell, modelled on the excellent TeXshop for the Macintosh.
 +The result, [[http://www.tug.org/texworks/|TeXworks]], is recommended: if
 +you're looking for a (La)TeX development environment, it may be for you.
 +(It is distributed with both TeX Live and MiKTeX.)
 +$\Reponse$  A possible alternative is [[http://texstudio.sourceforge.net/|TeXstudio]]
 ===== Windows ===== ===== Windows =====
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 $\Reponse$  Both ''emacs'' and ''vim'' are available in versions for Windows systems. $\Reponse$  Both ''emacs'' and ''vim'' are available in versions for Windows systems.
 +===== Mac OS =====
 +$\Reponse$  For Mac OS/X users, the free tool of choice appears to be
 +[[http://pages.uoregon.edu/koch/texshop/index.html|TeXshop]], which
 +combines an editor and a shell with a coherent philosophy of dealing
 +with (La)TeX in the OS X environment.  TeXShop is distributed as
 +part of the MacTeX system, and will therefore be available out of
 +the box on machines on which MacTeX has been installed.
 +$\Reponse$  ''Vim'' is also available for use on Macintosh systems.
 +$\Reponse$  The commercial Textures provides an excellent integrated Macintosh
 +environment with its own editor.  More powerful still (as an editor)
 +is the shareware ''Alpha'' which is extensible enough to let
 +you perform almost any TeX-related job. It also works well with
 +OzTeX.  From release 2.2.0 (at least), Textures works under Mac OS/X.
 +===== OS/2, Atari, Amiga, NeXT... =====
 +''epmtex'' offers an OS/2-specific shell.
 +Atari, Amiga and NeXT users also have nice
 +environments. LaTeX users looking for ''make''-like
 +facilities should review the answer on
 +[[2_programmation:compilation:ecrire_un_makefile_pour_compiler_mon_document_latex|Makefiles for LaTeX documents]].
 +While many (La)TeX-oriented editors can support work on BibTeX
 +files, there are many systems that provide specific "database-like"
 +access to your BibTeX files --- see "[[3_composition:annexes:bibliographie:construire_un_fichier_bibtex|creating a bibliography file]]".
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