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LaTeX's labelling mechanism is designed for the impersonal world of the academic publication, in which everything has a number: an extension is necessary if we are to record the _name_ of things we've labelled. The two packages available extend the LaTeX sectioning commands to provide reference by the name of the section.

The [`titleref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/titleref) package is a simple extension which provides the command `\titleref`; it is a stand-alone package — don't use it in a document in which you also need to use [`hyperref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/hyperref).

The [`byname`](https://ctan.org/pkg/smartref) package is part of the [`smartref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/smartref) bundle and works well with [`smartref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/smartref), and works (to an extent) with [`hyperref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/hyperref), but the links it defines are not hyperlinks.

The [`memoir`](https://ctan.org/pkg/memoir) class incorporates the functionality of [`titleref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/titleref), but doesn't work with [`byname`](https://ctan.org/pkg/smartref) (though a search of `comp.text.tex` on [groups.google.com] will find a patch to [`byname`](https://ctan.org/pkg/smartref) to remedy the problem).

The [`hyperref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/hyperref) bundle includes a package [`nameref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/nameref), which will work standing alone (i.e., without [`hyperref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/hyperref): of course, in this mode its references are not hyperlinked). If you load [`hyperref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/hyperref) itself, [`nameref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/nameref) is automatically loaded. [`Memoir`](https://ctan.org/pkg/Memoir) requires the [`memhfixc`](https://ctan.org/pkg/memhfixc) when running with [`hyperref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/hyperref); following the sequence: ```latex \documentclass[…]{memoir} … \usepackage[…]{hyperref} \usepackage{memhfixc} ``` [`nameref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/nameref) commands may be used in a [`memoir`](https://ctan.org/pkg/memoir) document.

[`Zref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/Zref) defines a proposed replacement for all of the LaTeX reference mechanisms, and among other things provides name-referencing mechanisms: ```latex \usepackage[user,titleref]{zref} … \section{hello}\zlabel{sec:one} The section name is: \ztitleref{sec:one}. ``` (One might hope that something of this sort would be the way of the future, but things move slowly in the LaTeX world: don't hold your breath.)

Each of [`titleref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/titleref), [`byname`](https://ctan.org/pkg/smartref) and [`nameref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/nameref) defines a reference command with the same name as the package: `\titleref`, `\byname` and `\nameref`. The [`nameref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/nameref) package also defines a command `\byshortnameref`, which uses the optional short title argument to the chapter and section commands. (Although it comes from the same author, [`zref`](https://ctan.org/pkg/zref) _doesn't_ define a short-name variant.)

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