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-title:  More than one optional argument +title: More than one optional argument 
-sectionMacro programming +category: programming 
-subsectionLaTeX macro tools and techniques +tags
-date: 2014-06-10+  latex 
 +  - macros 
 +permalink: /FAQ-twooptarg
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 If you've already read  If you've already read 
-''[breaking the 9-argument limit](FAQ-moren9.md)''+"[breaking the 9-argument limit](FAQ-moren9)"
-you can probably guess the ''simple'' solution to this problem:+you can probably guess the "simplesolution to this problem:
 command relaying. command relaying.
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 optional arguments as your fevered imagination can summon.  However, optional arguments as your fevered imagination can summon.  However,
 see the comments on the use of the [`keyval`](https://ctan.org/pkg/keyval) package, in  see the comments on the use of the [`keyval`](https://ctan.org/pkg/keyval) package, in 
-''[breaking the 9-argument limit](FAQ-moren9.md)'',+"[breaking the 9-argument limit](FAQ-moren9)",
 which offers an alternative way forward. which offers an alternative way forward.
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